Odd Even Adventure Game

Odd-even sea adventure board game is a great treasure game designed for kids with a 10 by 10 inches wooden board and rolling dice to play and win the game.

Product details
I learn I Grow
Educational Play
8 - 12 Years, 5 - 8 Years

This game improves kids’ focus and understanding before guessing any odd-even number. It is excellent to develop coordination between hands and eyes while playing and moving pieces on board. Kids can learn through pictures of sea animals and improve their math with counting and odd numbers. 4. It is an excellent way for kids to play together and strengthen their connection. How To Play: 1. This game starts with the youngest kids, where kids have to guess a number even or odd, and roll the dice on the wooden board. 2. If they get the same number as they guessed, they can move ahead with the dice’s number, and if they are wrong, they lose their chance. 3. This way, they play the game, and the kid who reaches the treasure first wins.

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